European CMR Exam and Exam Certification

Exam Board

The WG on CMR has formed an examboard to develop an exam syllabus, a pool of exam questions, to set the exams (blueprint, standard setting) and to deliver and grade the exams.

Members of the European CMR Exam Board (as of 2012)

  • Dr Steffen Petersen (Chair, London)
  • Dr Sven Plein (Co-Chair, Leeds)
  • Dr Ana Almeida (Lisbon)
  • Dr Francisco Alpendurada (London)
  • Dr Redha Boubertakh (London)
  • Dr Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci (Bristol)
  • Dr Theo Karamitsos (Oxford)
  • Dr Vivek Muthurangu (London)
  • Dr Mark Westwood (London)
  • Dr Oliver Tann (London)
  • Dr Victor Ferrari (USA) – SCMR observer

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Participation at the CMR Examination is subject to separate registration and a separate fee: Please go here to register for the CMR Exam
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